The Power of Testimonials

This week we have a fellow VA, the fabulous Lisa Chaffey of In A Pickle from Reading, as our guest blogger.

What can testimonials do for your business? Would it make your sales process easier if potential customers could see what existing customers thought of your service or product?

Lisa explains all below:

Testimonials are an extremely powerful marketing tool that we get “too busy” or “too smart” to use.  According to marketing guru Dan Kennedy, “What others say about you and your product, service, or business is at least 1000% more convincing than what you say, even if you are 1000% more eloquent.”  The reason, customers doubt what we say about ourselves, but believe other customers.  And the more customers who say good things about us, the more prospective customers will believe them & in turn believe in us!

People always read the testimonials page on websites; in fact one of the world’s biggest internet retail site eBay relies completely on the power of testimonials with its feedback system. Giving buyers and sellers alike an at a glance picture of what someone is like to do business with. Are you displaying all of your glowing testimonials on your website and across all your marketing materials? If not why not? After all you no doubt worked hard to win the business initially and then followed it up with a service, so great that your client was compelled to write about it, that’s got to be worth shouting about!

When referring business, word of mouth works best. Whether it’s at networking groups, client meetings or even down the local. People are always more trusting of the words of people that they have actually met face to face.

Do you ask for ‘Recommendations’ on LinkedIn? Not dissimilar to the eBay feedback system mentioned earlier, the more recommendations you receive and in turn give, the better initial impression you give to prospective clients researching you.

Ok so testimonials are great, but how can you get some?

First and most importantly you must provide an outstanding product and service.

Then, ask your customers for help. Interview your customers about what they really like about your product and the service you provide. What do they especially like about working with you and your company? Ask if they would write what they told you in an email or if you can write it for them for their approval. Maybe ask if you can tape record or video record your interview to use as a video on your blog/website? Why not think about a client satisfaction survey? These are a great way to gauge a broader view of how clients feel about the work you do and your working relationship and also offer massive scope for gaining testimonials too.

Like what you see but don’t know where to start…?

Maybe a VA can help you? From contacting your clients, collating the feedback to updating your website with the new glowing results – we can do it for you! Why not check out our testimonials to see why we should be working together…


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