Welcome to the Social Media Olympics 2012!

How exciting have the Olympics been so far? The atmosphere, the medals…WOW, our Athletes are incredible and Social Media has made them more accessible than before.

For the first time Athletes are being encouraged to use social media which means we, the adoring public, can reach out to congratulate the many fantastic achievements. We’ve seen photos from within the Athletes Village, good luck cards and presents and inspiring shots of the medal winners looking slightly shocked and extremely happy!

Twitter is running wild with London 2012 mania, Facebook is booming with Olympic screams of joy and amazement and Olympian’s Fan Page numbers have rocketed; it has brought us closer to the people that should be our role models of dedicated, hard working, fit and healthy high achievers. It reminds us that anything is possible.

Social Media has given athletes of the lesser shouted about events such as shooting, archery, javelin and taekwondo the chance to be more publically acknowledged. See a short clip about this on the BBC website.

As with anything there are a couple of negatives.  Some not–so-nice members of the public try to ruin it by sending abusive messages via Twitter when things don’t turn out how they expect. A very small number of Athletes have been expelled from the Games for equally unacceptable tweets about race and inappropriate photos. Don’t post something online that you wouldn’t say directly in person. Common courtesy, good behaviour and etiquette is still expected in the online world.

The wide spread use of Social Media for London 2012 has raised the Olympic profile higher than ever before. It will do the same for the Paralympics starting on 29th August and will be even more inspirational (OK so I’m biased! Everyone should watch the GB Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. You can follow my friend Clare Strange on Twitter and Facebook and I will be in the stadium screaming and cheering them on very loudly at all their games!).

To make life easier (rather than searching individually for each athlete on Twitter) you can find everyone at The Olympic Athletes Hub along with lots more Olympic information!

Are you the elite athlete in your business industry? Make sure you are using social media to connect with your adoring public, give them access to see behind the scenes and feel part of something special so they can support you!


Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

About Sarah Fletcher

Founder of Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media Magic. Public Speaker on Social Media Magic. Social Media Magic Training, Strategy and Management boosting your brand, productivity and effectiveness. Lover of street dance, food, all things purple, social media and life in general! Follow me on Twitter too @MushroomSouffle! www.mushroom-souffle.co.uk
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2 Responses to Welcome to the Social Media Olympics 2012!

  1. Alex Jones says:

    The social media olympics. I reckon in Britain at least some laws are going to come into being as a result of what was going on via Twitter during this period.

    • Hi Alex, I think you are right and there do need to be some laws. I will watch with interest to see how this will be managed from country to country as it will be complex to facilitate across the worldwide web with users interacting globally.

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