Should You Follow the Latest Social Media Craze?

Doesn’t it seem that there is always a new craze we are meant to be taking part in?

If it’s not yet another Social Media Networking Site being launched that we are pressured to go and setup yet another profile on (and connect with all the same people that we have on the others!), then there is a new app you MUST download or the most incredible tablet or mobile phone that has ever existed to buy (I’m still waiting for the one that makes me a cup of tea, until then nothing is worth me camping on the pavement for days).

The Most Popular question I get asked is “what should I post on my social media networks?”

Obviously it is a case of tapping into what your community need from you. How can you share your expertise and knowledge in a way that will make them think you are the dogs b******s?

In case you have been using Facebook or Twitter with your eyes shut recently, visuals are now THE THING! We are loving infographics because they can portray interesting information without the boredom of having to read a load of text. Motivational quotes are overlaying images that give more impact. Cartoons and drawings are making us think. A picture paints a thousand words!

Visuals are attracting a better reaction because they are colourful, they stand out and they just LOOK more interesting!

How can you put your information into a format that draws people’s attention? What photos can you use with your blogs to give them greater impact?

Here are a few tools to play with..

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide is the world’s largest community of infographics and data visualization creates infographics and interactive online charts

Tagxedo visually stunning word clouds

Piktochart transforms information into compelling visual stories

Don’t forget to ensure you are providing quality information within your infographics, just looking pretty won’t work! Keep your motivational quotes and cartoons relevant to your audience. Give us a peek behind the scenes of your company with the photos of you, your team and your customers (if they are OK with that).

So should you follow the latest Social Media craze? >>> Yes, if it is productive! As long as it increases community interest and interaction and produces results for you then go for it. Don’t waste time on activities that don’t work.

Get creative!

Should we jump on the latest Social Media craze


About Sarah Fletcher

Founder of Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media Magic. Public Speaker on Social Media Magic. Social Media Magic Training, Strategy and Management boosting your brand, productivity and effectiveness. Lover of street dance, food, all things purple, social media and life in general! Follow me on Twitter too @MushroomSouffle!
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