The confusing, exasperating world of Social Media

Social Media Magic Free TeleSeminarWe LOVE Social Media – but we also know it can be confusing, exasperating, bewildering and  frustrating, especially when you first start using it. The trouble is, lots of people realise they need to be using Social Media and dive into it head first, full of enthusiasm, without actually giving much thought to how they want to use it or what they want to get out of it. Sound familiar? Did you open accounts for your business on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest all in the same day, follow a load of people, post a load of content – and then panic because you didn’t know what to do next?

Successful Social Media Magic is all about choosing the right tools, connecting with the right people and sending out the right message – right for you and YOUR business, not anyone else’s. And the only way you can do that is to work out what you want to achieve and have a strategy that helps you accomplish those aims.

The beauty of Social Media is that it’s easy to use and in most cases it doesn’t cost you anything other than your time…The downside of Social Media is that it’s easy to use and all it costs you is time. But without a strategy you could find that it takes over your life as you spend far too much time posting and responding to the wrong things. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could well do more harm than good – perhaps by constantly selling to your followers, or sending out mixed messages, or burying your head in the sand and ignoring any negative feedback you get. And without a plan you will find it impossible to measure how well your Social media is working, which means you’ll carry on making mistakes, wasting time and damaging your brand.

But never fear, Mushroom Soufflé is here to help! On Wednesday 2nd October we’re running a FREE TELESEMINAR where you’ll learn not only why using Social Media is so important, but also how to develop a strategy to use it effectively. During the free call we’ll be exploring what your followers need from you and providing you with 9 simple yet crucial steps to developing a strategy to ensure your efforts aren’t wasted. And did we mention that it was free? Yep ….. so you’ve got nothing to lose by joining us. Just click this link here …. go on. You owe it to your business to do it!


About Sarah Fletcher

Founder of Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media Magic. Public Speaker on Social Media Magic. Social Media Magic Training, Strategy and Management boosting your brand, productivity and effectiveness. Lover of street dance, food, all things purple, social media and life in general! Follow me on Twitter too @MushroomSouffle!
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