Jazz up your Social Media!

Jazz up your Social MediaThe best way to grab attention and make a splash on Social Media is to add some colour to it … but sometimes it’s difficult to think how to do that. Bringing your updates to life and making them more eye-catching is easier than you think, though. There are plenty of things you can do to make your posts more colourful. Here are a few ideas for you to try that will explode your social media accounts!

Everyone has seen infographics though not everyone knows what they are called. Infographics are those fabulous charts that bring statistics to life in inventive ways. They are bright and colourful and use icons, cartoons and wacky typefaces to present information in a way that is far more appealing than traditional charts. There are loads of infographics around you can share, on just about every topic imaginable, or you can use tools like Easel.ly or Piktochart to create your own.

It’s been proved over and over that updates with images get a bigger response than those without – especially on Facebook.  Adding a comical or appealing picture to your status grabs attention and more people are likely to interact with you. Be careful where you get your images from though – you can’t just go copying and pasting from Google. Stock Xchng is a good source of free images, and there are other sites where you can purchase images for just a couple of pounds.

Word Clouds
Another way to add colour to your Social Media is by using word clouds. These funky little gizmos take any words you give them – a specific list or the text on a web page, for example – and turn them into beautiful, colourful shapes. Wordle is a great site to use, and dead easy too; Tagxedo is a bit more complicated but has lots more options.

Ever seen one of those cute pictures or stunning sunset photos with an inspiring quote over the top? Quotes often go viral on Social Media so if you find a good one that you can link to your business then its well worth taking some time to present it in an attention-grabbing way. Instaquote is a free iPhone app that lets you add images or backgrounds to your quotes. Quozio is a free web app that does the same thing.

Finally, don’t forget video … Millions of YouTube videos are viewed and shared every day, so if you’re not making them, you’re missing out! Making videos isn’t as complicated as it sounds. If you have a web cam you can simply talk to the camera; alternatively you can film your desktop or put together a series of images. Make sure you choose a captivating screenshot as a “placeholder” and watch the views roll in!


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