How to Write Super-Cool Tweets

Tweet @MushroomSouffleWriting a tweet. I’d be rich if I had a pound for every time a Twitter newbie wailed “What on earth am I going to fit into 140 characters?”.

Yes, its a challenge! If you want to make an impact on Twitter there is definitely more to it than simply typing a few words and sending it out there. Yes, 140 characters is pretty limited – but with a bit of imagination and our top tips you’ll be a super-cool tweeter in no time!

Be personal
OK you’re using Twitter to promote your products or services but the biggest mistake you can make is to use it as a sales channel. No one wants to listen to you shouting “I’m amazing. Buy, buy, buy!” and in fact you’re likely to lose followers if you do that! Instead, keep it personal. Write tweets on the things you’re passionate about and show a bit of the real you. Twitter is all about making connections so give your followers a person, not a business, to connect with.

Be interesting
Ever heard someone say, “I don’t get Twitter. Who wants to know what anyone had for tea?” Sadly some people do spout a lot of rubbish on Twitter. Make sure you stand out for all the right reasons – make your tweets entertaining, interesting, informative, talk about topics that your community are interested in and people are far more likely to listen.

Make people want to respond
Don’t just type the first thing you think of and send it. Put some thought into your tweets. How can you phrase them to make sure they grab attention? Sometimes a few words can have more impact than a long rambling tweet. And don’t forget to include something of value whenever you can – people are more likely to click a link or retweet your message if they get something out of it.

Less is more
Just because you get 140 characters doesn’t mean you have to use them all (“What??!” I hear you say. “But it’s not enough anyway!”). It’s worth leaving 20 or so free so anyone retweeting can add their own comment – if they have to start editing your message to fit it in they’re more likely not to bother. And when using a link shortening tool then you should keep your message to 100 characters or less – as the links take up approximately 20 characters.

Make the tweet LOOK interesting
Scroll though your Twitter newsfeed – what makes you stop and read a tweet? How can you make your tweet stand out from all the other millions of tweets?

There isn’t a law that says usernames, e.g. “@MushroomSouffle“, have to be at the beginning of the tweet, or that links have to be at the end. Mix them up so it looks different to others.

Can you use spacing,

symbols >>>

and ways of **highlighting** something important to add to the effect?

Don’t forget to use #hashtags on your tweets to make them search-engine friendly and easy for people to find. You can use hashtags for comic effect too > #reallyneedacuppa

Want to make your hashtags easier to read? Use capital letters for each word #SoMuchEasierToRead.

#HashtagTip > don’t use more than three hashtags in a tweet, it can make the tweet look very busy and hard to read when the links highlight.

Write properly!
Just because it’s a tweet doesn’t mean you can ignore the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Remember – your tweets are a reflection of you, so check them before you send them and make sure there are no typos or glaring errors. And try to avoid text talk too. While the occasional B4 is OK if you need to save space, AFAIK, YOYO, SWYD, ASAP, LOL, ATM, XOXO is just going to confuse most of your followers! (Although I will admit – I do like LOL, works for many amusing conversations I have on Twitter). If you need to translate any tweets or texts that you don’t understand then there’s a comprehensive list of acronyms and text abbreviations here.

Put the effort into writing great tweets and your community will love you all the more for it.


About Sarah Fletcher

Founder of Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media Magic. Public Speaker on Social Media Magic. Social Media Magic Training, Strategy and Management boosting your brand, productivity and effectiveness. Lover of street dance, food, all things purple, social media and life in general! Follow me on Twitter too @MushroomSouffle!
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