Vamp Up Your Social Media Content With Three Great Tools

Is your Social Media content awesome? It should be because you need your Social Media Content to stand out above everyone elses’. Why? Because …

>> Awesome content is what attracts people into your community. It makes them stop, read it, admire it, comment on it, click like or share or retweet. It makes them take action. It strikes a chord with them.

>>  Awesome content is what makes your community stay with you, and not get bored and wander off elsewhere. It is what makes you valuable to your community.

>>  Awesome content is what will draw the search engines to your website, blog and social media accounts and increase your Google ranking.

Awesome content is VITAL!

Here are three cracking tools that I use all the time to help you create Awesome Content. This list might not be what you expected, but no I’m not nuts – let me explain!


This is superb for creating your own visuals and its web based so there is nothing to download.

It is also completely free (which gives it a massive thumbs up) and offers you options to design social media images, Facebook covers, blog graphics, and so much more.

It is super easy to use, has a huge library of free images you can use and provide lots of free help tutorials.

There are now no excuses for not brightening up your Twitter stream or Facebook Page! Just go to Canva, register your free account and get creative!


Probably not what you were expecting but this is crucial to writing with more impact. Do you sometimes find that you use the same words over and over again? Maybe you need words with more of an effect? I’ve been using a thesaurus for years especially on client content. It is constantly open in a browser tab. It works a treat!

Awesome Content Calendar

OK, here is where I start telling you to plan in advance! Its a MUST! Unless you are hit with that moment of inspiration, blogs do not just fall out of the sky, webinars don’t happen overnight (believe me!) and eBooks don’t appear by clicking your fingers. Plan them in advance, know what you are going to talk about month by month. Have a story and a theme to your social media so it is cohesive.

You need to save yourself time and having a plan for your blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ and LinkedIn updates will do exactly that along with measuring your success and ensuring consistency with your interactions.

3 Tools for Awesome Content




About Sarah Fletcher

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