Are You Wearing a Bag Over Your Head?

Whilst I’m not generally in favour of gross generalisations – every now and then, I feel they do nobody any harm – so here we go. Most of us are pretty dreadful when it comes to blowing our own trumpet. And I say this, in full acknowledgement that I’m as bad as everyone else which, as a writer, I darn well shouldn’t be!

Why is so many of us have a hang-up when it comes to putting ourselves out there in the right way? Maybe it stems from childhood ‘Be quiet, don’t show off!’ – a phrase most of us have heard at one time or another. Possibly well and good when we were four years old, determined to stand on a table and sing several dozen choruses of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, but not so great now, when we’re running a business or practice and need to let everyone know just how good we are at it.

Communication’s vital to the success of any business and if you’re in business today, there have never been more or better opportunities for putting yourself out there. But the key to communicating well is knowing who you are and being unafraid to let your personality show. It’s a fact that whilst most of us have competition, people buy into people and the key to success, above and beyond being good at what you do, is people liking and trusting you.

Don't be faceless in businessI believe you need to let personality shine through all your business communications, if you don’t, it’s like putting a paper bag over your head – your business is faceless!

If you have a sense of humour, don’t be afraid of letting it show, although, obviously this needs to be tailored to your business or profession – nobody wants an off-the-wall solicitor – loads of fun to be with of course, but having everyone rolling in the aisles, won’t necessarily cut it in a litigation case. But you get my point, if you’re naturally warm, friendly and sunny don’t adopt a dry, formal and pompous approach in your business, it won’t suit you and won’t make anyone warm to you, because it won’t be authentic.

When it comes to putting text on your website, creating a brochure, using Twitter, Facebook or any of the many other means of reaching potential customers or clients, keep it current, keep it relevant and above all, let your personality shine through and you’ll attract the sort of people you’ll naturally find easier to deal with. After all, they will already have decided you’re someone they like the sound of.

Guest blog from Marilyn Messik


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