Get people engaging with your Facebook Business Page

The tech guys at Facebook are constantly changing the algorithm that dictates what you see in your Newsfeed – and sometimes it can make a BIG difference to how effective your Facebook Business Page is.

Recently they’ve studied over a thousand factors to determine whether or not your Page’s updates will make it into your followers’ Newsfeeds. This includes things like how often you post, the quality of your posts, whether your profile is complete – and even what other Pages your followers have liked!

One of the things they discovered is that when people post lots of text updates it encourages other people to post text updates too. In fact, when they changed the algorithm to show more text-only updates it led to a staggering 9 million more posts every day!

However … they also found that the same snowball effect didn’t happen when Pages posted text-only updates, so to make the algorithm work, updates from Pages are treated differently.

They did discover that the Page updates that get the best response – more likes, more shares, more comments – are those that include a link. However, it’s not as simple as that – if you just post a link on its own you’re unlikely to get much engagement. The solution is to write something about the page/video/blog post you’re linking to – your own opinion, a brief description or why you think people will find it interesting. Add as much information as you can – perhaps the title of the page or the author, as well as the link itself. Have a look at the images below and you’ll see for yourself which looks the most eye-catching and is more likely to get people engaging with it!

Normally when you paste a link into your update box Facebook will pull throughfacebook-posts-2-300x40
the title, image
and descriptions but sometimes it can be a bit glitchy in how it displays links. If you post a link and all you see is the link itself, click on the right hand corner of the update and delete it. Then refresh the entire Facebook page and try again. You should find it all works properly second time round.

So  what are the five key things you can do to increase engagement on your Facebook Page?

1. Post regularly. Facebook prioritises those Pages that people engage with the most – so by posting often you’ll have a better chance of appearing in the Newsfeed.

2. Post high quality content. According to Facebook the types of things people engage with most are current news stories and articles. Yes, you can drop old content in there too – but make sure the majority of content you share is recent – and from well-known and respected websites.

3. Post links whenever you can – but make sure you post more than just the link. Include some description or commentary on what the link is about, and make sure Facebook pulls through a suitable image.

4. Ensure your Page’s profile is completed and up to date. The “About” tab is often the first place people look when deciding whether or not to like your Page, and a completed profile gives you a boost in Facebook’s algorithm too.

5. Promote other quality Pages to your followers. One of the links Facebook looks for is other Pages that your followers have liked. Don’t promote Pages that are rarely updated or have poor content – even if you’re doing it as a favour for a friend. If your followers like those Pages it could actually do you harm in the long run!


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