It’s changed! Thanks LinkedIn!

“I logged in and it’s changed!”linkedin-newc2a0c2a0improved

This was a wail of indignation at a meeting I was in yesterday!

Yes, those pesky social media networks have a habit of updating their look and thro
wing us into a bit of a spin.

The latest culprit is LinkedIn, which obviously you have all noticed because I know you regularly log in…right?

It started early March but LinkedIn always roll over their updates slowly across their members. It does not hit everyone at the same time (which keeps it interesting for training sessions!).

I think the design of the home page is far better and there is added functionality that makes it more valuable to you. Want to know more?

Share an Update

“What’s On Your Mind” is now the question they ask when you click on it. I think LinkedIn are hoping this question will encourage you to provide more updates.


Or ‘Publish a Post’ gives you the opportunity to reach a potential 330+ million people! And published posts are highlighted in individual search results. So to be visible to people and be seen as a thought leader in your field, hit ‘Publish a post’ and get blogging.

Keep in Touch

There’s a new ‘Keep in Touch’ box in the top right of your Home page – it gives you connections’ updates such as birthdays, profile changes, new jobs/promotions, anniversaries and mentions in the news, and you can comment, like or skip the update. If you’ve got the LinkedIn Connected app on your phone, this is similar.

Add Media

You know you can add documents, presentations and videos, but now you can choose where it appears by selecting a specific section. LinkedIn has also increased the number of providers from whom you can embed media to around 300.

People You May Know

The ‘People You May Know’ feature has been tweaked. They are still in the top right of your Home page but after you go through your connections updates (‘Keep in Touch’). AND you’ll find it in your activity feed as well. AND when you request to connect with someone or after you accept a LinkedIn request it pops up too! LinkedIn really want you to add connections.

LinkedIn Searches

Be careful! Free searches are now limited  – LinkedIn want to persuade more people to use the paid premium versions. LinkedIn says…

“A progress bar appears in your search results when 30% of your searches are left, and continues to remind you in 5% increments. After you’ve reached the limit, you can continue to search, but will see a limited number of results. Your free monthly usage resets at midnight PST on the 1st of each calendar month.”

Activity Stats

Right at the top of your profile page, LinkedIn now posts your stats.  You can see how popular you are with how many people have viewed your profile (click on it to get all the details, just like before), and how many people viewed your latest update.

Have you seen these updates? Are they benefiting you? Are you using LinkedIn for the valuable business tool it is?

Want to boost your knowledge and understanding of LinkedIn, have a profile with impact and be able to use it confidently and effectively? Talk to Sarah on 07958 463689 about a LinkedIn training session today.


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