Celebrating achievements is important! Do you?

2015-06-02 09.12.48I climbed a mountain! Hell yes!

Not something my friends or family (or me) ever thought would happen.

Since I was tiny I’ve always hated walking long distances. There are reasons for it, my left leg wasn’t as it should be when I was born and lets just say there were/are challenges that come with it. However my mum and dad thought it was hilarious when I appeared one day and said ‘I’m going up Snowdon’. And everyone else asked if I was going to dance up instead of walking.

In January it popped up as an event some of my friends were doing at the end of May. It caught my eye and much as I’m not a fan of walking long distances I really loved the idea of doing a challenge I generally wouldn’t even consider (but you will not get me bungee jumping!). So I signed up, bought a pair of walking boots and got walking!

It wasn’t plain sailing by any means. I went through a lot of plasters, ibuprofen and Forever Heat Lotion to get me there!

The morning of Saturday 30th May came and we (14 of us) were raring to go. I still didn’t really know what to expect. For anyone who knows Snowdon the plan was up Pyg and back down Miners, I didn’t have a clue what that meant!

The strip of lovely flat black tarmac at the beginning of Pyg was obviously to lull us into a false sense of security. All those people who told me they had walked it in flip flops, with a school trip, or on spur of the moment – I’m hoping you used an easier path or I’m truly a wimp. Suddenly there were massive rock steps followed by just big rocks to climb up, over, and down, that was just the beginning of the fun.

Three and a half hours later we reached the top. WOW! We were lucky – the weather was clear and sunny. We could see everything. I would have done a little victory dance, except I needed a sit down and lunch before thinking of more movement.

Snowdon rock climbingComing down was going to be fun, the last part of the track of Pyg is the first part of Miners. Which involves climbing back down the steep rocks we had just come up. Some of the group weren’t happy about it so we split into two groups – the hardcore for Miners (yes that’s where I was),  the rest went for an easier path.

We all did it, that’s what matters. Met back up at the bottom and celebrated with dinner and vino that night.

Do you celebrate your achievements? Whether in business or your personal life? You don’t have to climb a mountain to do that. I’ve realised I don’t give myself recognition for the smaller things. Give ourselves a pat on the back for them and use the motivation to go on and find the next reason to celebrate.

2015-06-02 09.13.16


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