Collaboration is the key for business growth

CollaborationEntrepreneurs all strive for business growth. And when you’re a startup, or you’re an established small to medium sized company it seems like a massive task when your workforce is minimal. So how do we solve it?


I love collaboration. It brings many different talents, skills and personalities to the table. And you can have different teams for different projects. It means we can create anything we want to as long as we have the right team. Have a vision? Go find the right people to make it happen.

Website designers collaborate with website developers, they are not always one and the same person.

Business Coaches collaborate with marketing experts to provide a rounded service to their clients depending on their needs.

Bookkeepers collaborate with accountants to provide a seamless service and crucial financial reporting and understanding to their customers.

Just a few of my collaborations in the past – Jennings, The Entrepreneurs Circle and a business coach to put on business expos around Oxfordshire to support SMEs with networking, exhibitors and talks from experts to share vital information and enable business development.

Let me share with you two collaborations I currently have the pleasure to be involved with…

Collaboration 1 is with Activate Learning. We teamed up to bid for a tender with Oxfordshire County Council. We won part of the contract and I will be delivering complimentary Social Media for Business Workshops around Oxfordshire starting 20th October 2015. Exciting stuff! For dates and information jump over to that blog.

Collaboration 2 is with Hilda Stearn and The Ministry for Growth. Don’t you just love that name? Makes me think of the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter (very appropriate when we create Social Media Magic!).

Hilda and I totally gel because we are passionate about YOUR business success. So what have we done? Let me fill you in…

Whilst chatting it because clear that many businesses don’t align their social media strategy with their plan for business growth. OMG! You’re kidding I hear you say! No, I’m not.

We all know that harnessed properly, Social Media can deliver some serious results. With a solid business plan and company strategy you can generate top and bottom line benefits to your business.

Hilda and I put our heads together and we have designed the Get A Strategy, Boost Your Social Media, See Exceptional Business Growth workshop.

You all know I love a lot of interaction and talking, so this workshop is going to be FULL ON! We have so much information for you, no snoozing for you in the back row on this one. We want to generate results and that needs your undivided attention and participation.

Are you a Business Owner dedicated to serious growth in 2016? If yes, take a look at the workshop details. We want to work with business owners with a big vision.

You are going to get:

  • Insights into your business growth strategy
  • Essential super social media stuff you need to know
  • How to design your dynamic social media strategy
  • Dedicated brainstorming session on creating awesome content

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire is the place to be on Thursday 11th February 2016. Book your place now and I look forward to seeing you there!

See how amazing collaboration can be? Who can you collaborate with to produce something really cool?


About Sarah Fletcher

Founder of Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media Magic. Public Speaker on Social Media Magic. Social Media Magic Training, Strategy and Management boosting your brand, productivity and effectiveness. Lover of street dance, food, all things purple, social media and life in general! Follow me on Twitter too @MushroomSouffle!
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